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"Thank you for your interest in our professional pet shampoos!"

Hi! My name is Kathy, one of the owners of Indamira Pets. Whether you're a professional groomer seeking a better shampoo for your business, or a thoughtful pet owner who bathes your own animals, our shampoos are certain to impress!

Developed by my husband and myself (he's a chemist and I'm a groomer), our pet shampoos have been in service since 1999, steadily gaining momentum as "the trade secret" for those in the know. Please visit our online store, and I invite you to
read our shampoo story.

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We own a groom shop where we see approx. 100 dogs a week. We have tried many other shampoos and have never been as satisfied as we are now with Indamira Pets' shampoos. We see many labs and other breeds that come in with that itchy, flaky skin and when we use the Oat-a-Coat oatmeal shampoo not only does it smell great... - Read More

Glacial Rain 1 Gallon Bottle

Glacial RainTM



GLACIAL RAINTM is a super-concentrated pet shampoo of the highest quality. Containing far more cleansers than the average pet shampoo, fresh-scented GLACIAL RAINTM relies upon a complex blend of cleaning agents, including sugar-based cleansers that are strong and thorough, yet safe and gentle for the pet.


  • Delivers exceptional cleaning power
  • Lifts soils and cuts grease and oils
  • 30:1 dilution ratio
  • Creates a rich lather that easily rinses away
  • Excels as a vibrant whitening shampoo
Sugar Soap 1 Gallon Bottle

Sugar SoapTM



SUGAR SOAPTM is a remarkable hypoallergenic pet shampoo designed for its incredible mildness to both the skin and eyes of the pet. SUGAR SOAPTM gets its name from the sugar-based cleansing agents, detoxifying agents, emollients, conditioners, and humectants that it contains. Naturally non-irritating and rapidly biodegradable, sugar-based cleansers are the perfect choice for a soothing, hypoallergenic pet shampoo.


  • Soothing hypoallergenic formula
  • Delivers exceptional cleaning power
  • Contains no fragrances, dyes or botanicals
  • Ideal for pets with sensitive skin or eyes
  • Creates a rich lather that easily rinses away
  Silky Way Pail     Oat-A-Coat 1 Gallon Bottle

Silky WayTM


SILKY WAYTM is a concentrated pet shampoo containing real silk and milk conditioning proteins...

OAT-A-COATTM is a concentrated pet shampoo containing large quantities of colloidal oatmeal...


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