Sugar Soap Pet Shampoo, 1 Gal

Sugar Soap Pet Shampoo, 1 Gal

  • Hypoallergenic Sugar-Based Formula
  • 12:1 Concentrate, Fragrance-Free
  • 1-Gallon Bottle
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SUGAR SOAP™ is a remarkable hypoallergenic pet shampoo designed for its incredible mildness to both the skin and eyes of the pet. SUGAR SOAP™ doesn't actually contain any irritating soap; instead, it relies upon a complex blend of extremely gentle cleansing agents. In fact, the cleanser combination used in SUGAR SOAP™ was designed to be as gentle to the eyes as a baby shampoo. But be assured: we would never test any of our products for irritancy in the eyes of any animal....

SUGAR SOAP™ contains generous quantities of sugar-based ingredients, including sucrose and glucose-based cleansing agents, detoxifying agents, emollients, conditioners, and humectants. These powerful yet gentle cleansers generate a rich lather that easily rinses away. Naturally non-irritating and rapidly biodegradable, sugar-based cleansers are the perfect choice for a gentle, hypoallergenic pet shampoo.

Because some pets can be sensitive to certain types of chemicals, SUGAR SOAP™ contains no dyes, colorants, fragrances, perfumes, or botanicals such as herb and plant extracts. The light yellow color is the natural color of the shampoo. SUGAR SOAP™ is ideal for pets with sensitive skin or eyes, or for pets that demonstrate sensitivity to regular shampoos. SUGAR SOAP™ is not a medicated shampoo, nor is it intended for the treatment or alleviation of any particular skin or coat condition, or symptoms thereof. Consult a veterinarian if in doubt about a particular skin or coat condition.

When used as directed SUGAR SOAP™ is safe for all healthy dogs, cats, and horses over six weeks of age. Consult a veterinarian if you plan on bathing unweaned infant pets.


For Dogs and Cats: This shampoo is highly concentrated and should be diluted with water before use. Professional groomers use SUGAR SOAP™ by mixing one part shampoo to 12 parts warm water (10 oz. of shampoo per gallon, or 80 mL per liter). Greater concentrations of shampoo may be used for a more dynamic clean...

For best results, use lukewarm water to thoroughly wet the pet's skin and coat. Freely apply shampoo mixture to the pet and work up a good lather, then massage into coat. Thoroughly rinse all shampoo from the coat with warm water until no more shampoo remains on the pet. Follow up with a conditioning rinse if desired.

For Horses: There are several ways to use this shampoo on a horse. One method is to add three ounces of shampoo to a large pail full of lukewarm water and mix well to create a rich lather. You can add more shampoo to the pail for greater lather or to bathe an especially dirty horse, or you can use it full strength to bathe for ground in dirt.

For best results, thoroughly wet the horse down to the skin. Sponge the shampoo mixture onto the coat and massage the hair and skin, lifting out the dirt and dead skin cells using a brush, currycomb or mitt. Work the shampoo through the mane and tail. As you bathe the horse, keep the sudsy parts wet so that the shampoo doesn't dry onto the skin. Use clean running water to thoroughly rinse all shampoo from the coat and skin. Rinse from the top to the bottom until no more shampoo remains on the horse. Follow up with a conditioning rinse if desired, particularly on the mane and tail.

One of SUGAR SOAP's special strengths is that it freely rinses away, which is better for the pet's skin and for the appearance of the coat. This shampoo is very gentle, but avoid contact with the eyes of the pet. If shampoo gets into eyes, rinse well with cool water.


Water, Coco Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sugar, Propylene Glycol, Food-grade Preservatives, DMDM Hydantoin, Citric Acid (Food-grade), Sodium Chloride, Imidazolidinyl Urea

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