Silky Way Pet Shampoo, 1 Gallon

Silky Way Pet Shampoo, 1 Gallon

  • Silk 'n Milk Protein Conditioning Formula
  • 15:1 Concentrate, Fine Floral Perfume
  • 1-Gallon Bottle
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Luxurious and pearlescent, Silky Way™ protein conditioning shampoo is a concentrated blend of powerful yet gentle cleansing agents that deliver a superb clean and a rich, sophisticated lather.

Silky Way™ shampoo contains generous quantities of high-affinity conditioning agents that are derived from both genuine silk and milk proteins, as well as from many of the same types of natural oils that are found in both canine and feline hair. These specially enhanced proteins provide gentle conditioning when the use of a conditioning rinse is not necessary or desired....

In addition to the special conditioning proteins, Silky Way™ shampoo also contains select surfactants and humectants specifically chosen for their emolliency, moisturizing, and conditioning properties. Collectively, these ingredients work to enhance luster, improve softness, reduce static build-up, and minimize tangling by creating a smoother hair.

Silky Way™ imparts gentle conditioning; however, no conditioning shampoo should be used as a replacement for creme rinses or conditioning rinses. Silky Way™ is first and foremost a concentrated shampoo that was designed for its cleaning ability. It effectively lifts soils and excessive grease and oils from the hair without stripping the coat.

Silky Way™ premium pet shampoo is biodegradable, contains no dyes or colorants, and has never been harmfully tested on animals. When used as directed, this shampoo is safe for all healthy dogs, cats, and horses over six weeks of age.


For Dogs and Cats: This shampoo is highly concentrated and should be diluted with water before use. Professional groomers mix one part SILKY WAY™ to 15 parts warm water (approx. 8 oz. shampoo per gallon, or 60 mL per liter).

Add more shampoo for an extra cleaning boost...

For best results, use lukewarm water to thoroughly wet the pet's skin and coat. Generously apply the diluted shampoo to the pet and work up a good lather, massaging the shampoo into the coat. Thoroughly rinse all shampoo from the coat with warm water until none remains on the pet. As with any shampoo, avoid contact with the eyes of the pet.

For Horses: There are several ways to use this shampoo on a horse. One method is to add three ounces of shampoo to a large pail full of lukewarm water and mix well to create a rich lather. You can add more shampoo to the pail for greater lather or to bathe an especially dirty horse.

For best results, thoroughly wet the horse down to the skin. Sponge the shampoo mixture onto the coat and massage the hair and skin, lifting out the dirt and dead skin cells using a brush, currycomb or mitt. Work the shampoo through the mane and tail. As you bathe the horse, keep the sudsy parts wet so that the shampoo doesn't dry onto the skin. Use clean running water to thoroughly rinse all shampoo from the coat and skin. Rinse from the top to the bottom until no more shampoo remains on the horse.


Water; Lauryl Sulfate and Lauryl Ether Sulfate (Ammonium and/or Sodium Salts); Lauryl Glucoside; Cocamide Monoethanolamine; Cocamidopropyl Betaine; Propylene Glycol USP; Silk and Milk Derived Proteins; Ethylene Glycol Monostearate; Ammonium Xylene Sulfonate; DMDM Hydantoin; PEG-150 Distearate; Food-Grade Preservatives; Fragrance

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